R-NOX AMS won the First Clean-Tech Hackathon!

21 June 2016

The absolute winner is interactive tour to Chernobyl – chernobyl.online.

Prize: National Selection Clean Tech Open – global international akselarator, part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

CEO of the project Vadim Radziwill says: “We have done geometric interactive map of Chernobyl, Pripyat and the surrounding area. This is important, because in popular maps such as Google Maps there is not the Chernobyl zone. The basis – the data is collected on the site by our trackers. We thought that this virtual tour will be an interesting solution for those who want to visit in absentia in a legendary place. Now we are also developing a wearable device – eco-tracker, which will evaluate the quality of air, noise, radiation, and other parameters. The gadget will be modular – you can connect different sensors to fit your needs. The device will not be easy to measure performance, and report the figures, but can give advice on the basis of these data.” Events, united by the theme of “Technology for a Healthy Future” has shown that we can create, build and that’s what the Belarusian projects will do so soon: 1 winner.

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