DjinnSensor is the winner of SAP Leonardo Hackathon, who took the 3rd place and received the audience award!

The purpose of the hackathon is to bring together specialists from different areas of software development, who together will create innovative solutions in the field of industrial automation for the Belarusian economy.

The event consisted of two stages — a contest of ideas and a contest of teams. At the first stage, the organizers took applications for participation: more than 20 questionnaires were registered. The key condition of the second stage, within which the products were developed, was the use of SAP Cloud Platform technologies (machine learning, Internet of things, big data and blockchain) by the teams. The participants were trained, organized meetings with mentors and experts. As a result, 11 projects passed to the final.  The jury evaluated the performances according to the following criteria: the presence of a completed prototype, full functionality, user interface and demand for the application.

According to the results of the voting of the SAP Leonardo Hackathon jury, the prizes were distributed as follows:

1st place: Hi-Tech nation

2nd place: DePaS

3rd place: Djinn Sensor

Nomination “the youngest project”: Hestia. Source >