DjinnSensor is the best innovative project in 2018 , Belarusian Innovative Foundation!

14 December 2018 took place in Minsk the National Contest of Innovative Projects of the SCST. The contest is held in two nominations. They are “Best Innovative Project” and “Best Youth Innovation Project”. Participants of the contest are the universities, government agencies, enterprises, teams of authors, individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

Winners of the contest are awarded diplomas and prizes: 60 first-class tariff rates for the first place; 40 first-class tariff rates for the second place; 20 first-class tariff rates for the third place. This year an additional nomination “Biotechnology and Genomics in Medicine and the Pharmaceutical industry” is established by the pharmaceutical company “NATIVITA” within the competition. The prize fund of the nomination is 3,000 USD (in Belarusian rubles at the rate of the National Bank of Belarus).

The leader in the nomination “Best innovative project” was the invention of the innovative entrepreneur Andrew Diusmikeeva — Djinn multi-sensor designed for monitoring air quality, lighting, noise levels and other parameters inside of the premises.

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